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I was reading Jeffbullas’s blog earlier about the 25.4 BILLION reasons why search engines want social media video and pulled this paragraph to comment on: “Comscore announced in August 2009 that over 25.4 Billion video views ocurred in the USA alone (Yes…. Billions not millions). This is up from 14.3 Billion In December 2008. This is a 78% increase in just 8 months. Google’s sites such as YouTube  had a 39% market share with the closest competitor being Microsoft sites with 2.2%. (Google owns YouTube by the way).”

For us, it’s great to see this validation by ways of numbers and the more articles like this that are shared helps in client meetings when we are proposing a mix that includes video.

One thing we know is that you can’t expect to post some videos to YouTube and make millions for your clients. An experienced, full-service marketer is always looking for the value of the product to solve the “consumer of the products” problem AKA “pain points”.

Blending traditional marketing with new media, mobile and social marketing require skills that some of the social/new media “consultants” don’t have expertise in. Our firm started providing video as part of a way to communicate to our clients “audience” in campaigns three years ago and now have rolled streaming into the mix.

There are so many components that can be used to create a successful campaign – but nothing is cookie cutter and you want to be able to show an ROI as adding video or any social media component makes the campaign a high-touch program that many clients don’t have time for or don’t want to pay for.

Remember, when you start engaging in conversations with your “audience” you need to be prepared to manage your reputation and build on that relationship. It does not work on autopilot. Consumers are smarter now and you need to know how to find your audience and engage WITH them.