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As a sales and marketing professional with over 20 years experience (35 product launches including 3 iPhone apps and one social networking/video streaming community) I am energized to see the big push to engage with the customer by brands. No longer is the conversation one-sided. Well, that’s true for some and not so true for others, but the intent is there.

When I started doing sales / marketing in my early 20’s I read a lot of books, took lots of courses and then applied them to practical experiences – i.e. my job, emerging technologies and so on. I have always focused on the WIIFM process as a key “best” practice, of course, there are many acronyms that people use for many different methodologies, but what it comes down to as a consumer (B2B or B2C) – “What’s in it for ME?”

Today’s marketer has seen a rise in the effectiveness of using Web 2.0 Tools by up to 52% as shown in this graphic from a recent McKinsey Survey.

Then there are the objectives that marketers are seeking to gain from using Social Marketing / Web 2.0 Tools:

The biggest issue that I am seeing with the push to include Social Marketing / Web 2.0 is that brands are launching the use of these tools without building it into an overall plan. This is not just getting a Facebook page or a Twitter account or having a blogger review your product. There is no cookie cutter process – it’s finding the right voice for your brand and resonating that voice with your target audience to have an engaging conversation. “What’s in it for me???”

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